Gujarat Foundation Day: it is celebrated on 1st May. The region was part of the state of Mumbai when India became independent. On May 1, 1960, a separate Gujarat was established. Fifty years have passed since the establishment of Maharashtra. The birthday of Maharashtra and Gujarat is celebrated on May 1, when these two states were part of Mumbai. When the proposal to form Maharashtra and Gujarat came from the state of Mumbai, the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru advocated making Mumbai a separate Union Territory. He argued that if Mumbai was to remain the economic capital of the country, it was necessary to do so.

Gujarat is one of the most important states in India in terms of antiquity and historic history. It has a north-western border with Pakistan. (Gujarat Foundation Day) Gujarat has an area of ​​1,96,024 square kilometers. According to the information obtained from the archeological remains found here, human civilization developed in this state 5 thousand years ago. It is said that B.C. The Harappan people from Punjab laid the birth of the present state in the Narmada valley across the desert of Kutch 2500 years ago.

Gujarat foundation day celebration and PM wishes

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