FREE electricity by DGVCL: 1.37 lakh commercial customers including Navsari Valsad waived fixed charge from electricity bill

Businesses in Navsari and Valsad districts have been shut down since March 25 due to the lockdown. So the energy department has decided to relieve all electricity consumers from fixed charges. Electricity customers consuming electricity in the house of the power company are allowed to pay all the bills from March 1 to April 30 till May 15

The power company will not charge late fees from the customers. Connections of those who do not pay their electricity bills by May 15 will also not be disconnected. The waiver of 1.37 lakh commercial customers coming to Valsad division in fixed charges will cost the Valsad division an estimated Rs 30 crore. 
These concessions have only given the lock-down enough. Almost all companies and shops have been closed during the lockdown.  Customers of companies and shops which were in operation will also have to pay the charge of the unit used. They are also exempted from the fixed charge. This decision of the Valsad division has brought relief to the businessmen and industrialists of the Navsari district. The closed trade and industry have been greatly relieved in the lockdown as the burden of electricity bills has been reduced.

Business- Benefiting the residential class 
 Shopkeepers, houses and industries in Valsad and Navsari districts have been closed down in lock-down and the state government has decided to exempt them from fixed charges as per the recommendation. ( D.G. Bhaiya, Chief Educational Officer, Valsad Industries ) 
Shop Managers get relief 
 The lock-down has shut down almost all businesses in the district. At such times the government has given some relief to the traders by waiving the fixed charge. All the units in GIDC require electricity. Usually the fixed charge is more than 25 to 50 thousand. Such industries have received great relief. (Manoj Khatwani, President, GIDC Assoc., Navsari)
Small shopkeepers and industrialists
 FREE electricity by DGVCL has been given a big relief by the power company. CCTV cameras have been kept on in shops and companies during the lock-down. The waiver of the fixed charge seems to have given a big relief to small shopkeepers and small businesses. Which has caused a stir among small shopkeepers?(one small retailer statement)

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